How to the shop


1. Internet offer of company For Cars, Ltd., is located on web page under, to carry on purchase through the Internet.

2. Price products located on the Internet For Cars, Ltd. are given in euro and incl. VAT.

3. Price on the Web site apply only to purchases made via the Internet.


4. Goods description: "Goods to order" available from 1 to 5 days of work and client complete it is consigned to order. The implementation date will be informed to customer e-mail phone.

5. E-mail as well as telephone contact that user may be used to implement orders.

6. The main condition for the implementation of the purchases are made correctly fill subscription form order entered on website shop. When completing the form it is necessary enter the chassis number of vehicle (VIN) for ordering the correct part for your vehicle.

7. In the case of circumstances which allow the overall execution time or entered order, For Cars, srl reserves the right to suspension of execution order - of this situation are committed to immediately notify customer.

8. Wrong completed forms orders will not be investigated.

9. Purchased I received the goods at the address listed in the order form Companies by Slovak Post,a.s. or courier companies(GLS,DSV,TNT). We reserve the right to select a shipping service with optimised price and delivery time.

9a.Please, do not pay, until You receive invoice incl. shipping cost. Your purchase order is processed. After You receive the confirmation to You purchase order incl. shipping cost, You will be able to proceed to payment.

10. The client has right to choose the mode consent order with the form. For Cars, Ltd. reserves the right to changes in price and services for oversized and heavy supplies.

11. Transport costs borne by the buyer. In some cases, which allows For Cars, Ltd., payment for services ordered Goods can be transferred to the For Cars, Ltd..

12. On receipt of the shipment should be in the presence of a courier to check whether the contents of the consignment is not damaged. In the event of damage to container shipments must draw up a complaints protocol and not to receive the shipment. Such exams shipments can not be reclaimed.


13. Goods offered in trade to guarantee manufacturer.

14. Condition of the original parts assembly in authorized service.

15. Condition of the other components are fitted by a qualified service.

16. In the event of a complaint, it is necessary to contact For Cars, Ltd. or the service because the address is indicated on the warranty. The basis for the implementation of a warranty claim, the client also receives the merchandise.

17. Withdrawal from the purchase agreement
a) Withdrawal from the contract of sale of the buyer is not for personal receipt of the goods at the seller.
b) A buyer does not purchase goods in the business has the legal right to withdraw from the purchase contract within seven days of receipt of goods. The cancellation of the statutory period, the following conditions:
» intention to withdraw shall notify the buyer to the seller within seven days of purchasing the goods, together with the order number, purchase date and account number, respectively address for refund
» if no goods receipt, forward it to the address of the seller to the buyer
» goods must be undamaged in the original packaging may be damaged or used
» goods must be complete, including accessories, warranty card, invoice, instructions and proof of purchase
» goods sent by registered mail and insured for the buyer, not by mail order, such items are not exams
c) The above conditions are met the seller returns the money for a good transfer to the purchaser or by sending it to the address below no later than 30 working days after receipt of goods. Failing any of the conditions of the goods will be returned at buyer's expense.

d) When ordering goods on special order (goods, which is not standard Available in the shop), it is not possible to cancel the purchase contract, ie it can not be returned, so we ask you for the consistent specification and correct selection of work. This also applies to goods taken in person at the store.

18. For a complaint is normal complaints procedure. The warranty time is 24 months, or be limited by date. The buyer is obliged to deliver the merchandise to the seller clean, mechanically undamaged, in original packaging, including manuals and warranty card or invoice.
The right to security lapse in the event that the malfunction was mechanical damage of the product, mishandling of the product,improper installation or any other breach of warranty. The guarantees are also excluded defects caused by natural disaster.

19. The buyer, the delivery address will be in other country as the Slovak Republic will be informed in detail about the specific conditions of purchase and delivery via email. At the same time we ask, to wait for further information, as well as the possible transmission of the final price for the purchase made on that account!

20. Buyer affirms that before filling orders acquainted with these terms and conditions and that they agree. Buyer's rights in relation to the seller under the "Consumer Protection Law No. 634/1992 Coll, as amended legal provisions remain unaffected by these conditions. Any disputes arising from the failure of these conditions shall be governed by provisions of the Commercial and Civil Code.


You 3 choises:

  1. Paying by cash, when you have the choise to receive the product personally
  2. Payment on account for an invoice after confirmation of receipt of the order (customer without VAT), goods will be delivered by courier or you can receive the goods personally.

  3. Payment on account for an invoice without VAT and sent by email after confirmation of receipt of the order (the customer with a valid VAT), goods will be delivered by courier or you can recieve the goods personally